Blog Task – Future Prediction For Animation

Animation has come a long way and it is continuously surprising me with the amount of things we are capable of doing thanks to today’s technology. Without getting too much into what the future of technology has to offer animation, I truly believe that things will become very interesting in the near future as new types of animation will be introduced.

Now my prediction for animation is that I can see it take us towards more possibilities where animating skills can be used nearly everywhere, nowadays we don’t just use animation for entertainment purposes but it has become an essential teaching aid in the creative industries too!
We already use animation in so many different ways that it’s hard to not see it spread into something more.

Another prediction that I personally find interesting for animation is the cost of animated movies. As animation is becoming more of a common practice the job will become less of an obscure skill to have, following that logic the cost of animated movies just should also drastically go down. Take something like Toy Story 3 as an example, according to Charles Kenny this movie was budgeted around $300 million.

“Toy Story 3 had a budget rumoured at around the $300 million mark.” – Charles Kenny

That seems like an incredible amount of money to be invested in an animated movie even for a popular franchise! I’m sure with the decrease budget requirement for an animated movie that we will begin to see a lot more creative (and not so creative) movies. It’ll give opportunities for smaller companies in the near future to achieve similar products movies as Toy Story.

Follow this link if you want to read more about predictions of animation as I find it interesting to read about.

Link :

VR is also becoming a very important part of the future of animation, it’s hard not to imagine or believe a future where every single person owns and functions within virtual reality. For animators VR is a great industry to dive in as it essentially creates more jobs, however this could cause multiple benefits and issues in the future of animation; one of the benefits being that it is a new format to work on and it is a format that is increasing in popularity fairly quickly. One of the issues would be that it forces non VR platforms for games, movies or any form of entertainment to keep up with the trend, this could create a lot of unpolished material or even poorly crafted products.
To put it in perspective I believe virtual reality is good for animation in the short run, basically I can only predict it dissolving what animation is all about especially if it is focused too much on virtual reality.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think of my thoughts on the future of animation.

– Stephen Mazza



Kenny, C. (2018). 5 Predictions For The Future Of Animation – The Animation Anomaly The Animation Retrieved 9 March 2018, from


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